Watch: Insane Russian Music Video Takes You Inside the Mind of a Killer Secret Agent

Watch: Insane Russian Music Video Takes You Inside the Mind of a Killer Secret Agent

Mar 18, 2013

Make a music video for a song called "Bad Motherf**ker" and you're just setting expectations high. Thankfully the mad Russians behind this video for the band Biting Elbows exceed those expectations.

Like parkour? Like your action movies violent and fast-paced? Like a first-person perspective? This video checks all three boxes, and even a few surprise ones at the end. The acting might be a little stiff, but the stunt work isn't -- not in the slightest. "Bad Motherf**ker" is packed with insane stunt work. Sure, the blood may be digital, but the roof-running, building-scaling, car-jumping feats are all real, and they're all awesome.

These FPS videos are a bit of a trend these days, so how long do you think it'll be before Hollywood takes notice and puts an extended sequence like this in a movie? A few have already tried (Doom being the most notable), but if these amateurs* can pull it off, imagine what could be done with a bit more money both in front of and behind the camera.

Warning: NSFW Lyrics

This "insane office escape" is actually a sequel to the first video. Check out the original here:

*The rubber-made man with the camera strapped to his head is Russian stuntman Oleg Poddubnyy (Soldiers of Fortune, The Darkest Hour), so he's not strictly an amateur, but he still only has a handful of credits to his name.

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