Science! New Infographic Reveals the Most Influential Movie of All Time

Science! New Infographic Reveals the Most Influential Movie of All Time

Jul 09, 2013

Citizen KaneWanna know what the most influential film of the past century is? Unless you’re a complete movie nerd like us, you probably don't. But if you are like us, though, you will almost certainly enjoy this cool new infographic that breaks down how the biggest movies of the past 100 years stack up in terms of influence.

The info was compiled using Wikipedia – basically, the Arg! Team created an algorithm that wandered the vastness of the Internet’s greatest (or worst, depending on your perspective) repository of knowledge, and then compiled a ranking based on how often the films in question were linked or mentioned on the site.

The results aren’t particularly surprising – unless you actually expected Star Wars to be the most influential film of all time (admission time – I suspected it would be, given the average Internet user’s love of all things Star Wars). No, according to this data, the most influential film is actually Citizen Kane, followed closely by The Wizard of Oz.

Kane – a film often cited as the pinnacle of the art of filmmaking – makes sense. It probably would have won if they just counted the billions of references to the “Citizen Kane of video games” alone. I’m more surprised about The Wizard of Oz coming in second. Titanic takes the third spot (what???), and Star Wars weighs in at number four.

While some will use this list as a definitive answer to an upcoming bar debate, I suspect the new infographic will actually inspire more arguments than settle them. After all, how many articles are posted on movie blogs in the average day about Citizen Kane or Wizard of Oz? Now compare that number to the ones posted about Star Wars. Yeah…

Let us know what you think of the list and your vote for the most influential movie of all time in the comment section below.

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