Clever Infographic Reveals What Your Favorite Movie Mustache Says About You

Clever Infographic Reveals What Your Favorite Movie Mustache Says About You

Dec 17, 2013

Butcher Mustache

Facial hair can make the man – especially in the movies, where a good mustache or beard can take an ordinary character and make him unforgettable. A great Van Dyke or broom-stache says a lot about the character wearing it, but did you know that identifying with it also says something about you?

That’s the idea behind a funny new infographic chronicling what some of cinema’s most famous ‘staches say about the movie lovers who like them. Take, for instance, the Jules – which was inspired by none other than Pulp Fiction’s Samuel L. Jackson. Anyone who finds that facial hair fascinating is the kind of guy who can “steal all the Big Kahuna burgers you like.” Meanwhile, fans of the Lorax are the environmentalists who will stand up to corporate greed destroying Mother Earth.

The piece, which was published over at My Vue, features enough different ‘staches to keep a barber busy for days. My personal favorite is the Butcher, a fearsome handlebar inspired by Daniel Day Lewis’ performance in Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. “You are bloodcurdlingly frightening” according to the descriptor. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Check out a few of our favorites below, then check out the full infographic here. What does your favorite facial hair say about you?

[via Design Taxi]

Jafar Mustache

Lorax Mustache

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