The Ultimate Infographic Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Alfred Hitchcock's Movies

The Ultimate Infographic Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Alfred Hitchcock's Movies

Aug 14, 2013

Alfred HitchcockYesterday would have seen Alfred Hitchcock turn 114 (tell us your top three favorite Hitchcock films here) – so the good folks at The Guardian got together and decided the best way to celebrate would be by creating an awesome infographic chronicling countless statistics and details about the filmmaker’s body of work. Entitled The 39 Stats, the piece is a treasure trove of trivia for fans of Hitchcock’s work – just read it with caution because it contains almost as many spoilers for the director’s films as it does facts about them.

With categories like "A Dying Fall" and "50 Ways to Kill a Character," it’s obvious that the piece’s creators spent a lot of time studying the maestro’s body of work. There’s a stat here for almost every occasion (including an exhaustive list of words used to describe the mothers in Hitch’s filmography to see if they’re really as evil as many seem to think), and I can see this becoming a tool to settle a lot of debates about Hitchcock’s work moving forward. The stuff comparing Cary Grant’s films with Jimmy Stewart’s alone is fascinating.

I’ll leave all the other goodies buried within for you to discover on your own. Set aside an hour or so to get the full effect because this thing is massive. It’s also entertaining and informative and a great way to celebrate the birthday of one of our most beloved film directors. Happy belated birthday, Hitch. You’ll live on forever through your work.

[via The Guardian]

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