Indie Film Guide: What's in Theaters, on DVD and Coming Soon in the World of Independent Film

Indie Film Guide: What's in Theaters, on DVD and Coming Soon in the World of Independent Film

Oct 25, 2012

The Loneliest Planet

In Theaters

The Loneliest Planet
Where: Limited release; available on VOD on Tuesday, October 30.
What: A young couple hires a guide for a camping trip in the wilderness, with unexpected results.
Why Go: Director Julia Loktev previously made the quietly intense, terrorist-themed drama Day Night Day Night, and her newest film has received similar critical praise. From the sound of it, it’s best to know as little as possible going into the movie, but it certainly sounds like it will be an unsettling trip. Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg star as the engaged couple, with Bidzine Gujabidze as the local guide.

Where: In select theaters nationwide.
What: A drug dealer has a very bad week.
Why Go: This is an English-language remake of the critically acclaimed 1996 Danish film of the same name, which was the directorial debut of 26-year-old Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive). The remake has received mixed notices overall, but Scott Weinberg described it as “a fast-paced, slam-bang-ish, and tightly coiled neo-noir that is just good enough to make movie fans want to seek out the original Pusher -- and perhaps its two sequels."

The Zen of Bennett
Where: Just opened in New York; expands in limited release on Friday, November 2.
What: Legendary singer Tony Bennett looks back over his 60-year career.
Why Go: How does Tony Bennett remain so cool? Now in his 80s, his appeal has passed beyond any nostalgic sentiments, and we’re hoping that this documentary will capture his approach to his art -- and his life. Unjoo Moon directed; Dion Beebe (Chicago, Collaterel) served as director of photography, so we expect a particularly good-looking movie.

Take This Waltz

DVD Pick of the Week

Take This Waltz
What: A 30-something married woman is tempted by a new neighbor.
Why See It: From outward appearances, Michelle Williams appears to be happily married to Seth Rogen, but, beneath the surface, for reasons she cannot express, she is dissatisfied with her life. So when the charming Luke Kirby moves in across the street, she begins flirting with him, which can only lead to trouble. Williams gives another delicately shaded performance, though writer-director Sarah Polley keeps the character’s innermost motivations hidden, which contributes to the movie’s pensive, meditative and often frustrating atmosphere. 
Buy or Rent?: Michelle Williams makes it worth a rental, though her dedicated fans will want to opt for a purchase. Also available on Blu-ray.

The Bay

Coming Soon

The Bay
When: Opens in limited release on November 2.
What: “Two million fish washed ashore. One thousand blackbirds dropped from the sky. … The harrowing story of what happened that Independence Day has never been told - until now.”
Why We Want to See It: Director Barry Levinson makes a found-footage eco-horror movie? That alone sounds like such an unlikely mixture that our interest is piqued, even though the buzz coming out of the film’s premiere in the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto Film Festival last month was muted. Still, the trailer makes us think the movie might be a deliciously paranoid trip into terror.

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