Now You Can Eat Out of a Monkey Head Just Like Indiana Jones Did in 'Temple of Doom'

Now You Can Eat Out of a Monkey Head Just Like Indiana Jones Did in 'Temple of Doom'

May 28, 2014

Temple of Doom Mola Ram

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom celebrated its 30-year anniversary this past weekend, so there was no shortage of cool Indy tidbits to parse through if you’re a fan of Harrison Ford’s swashbuckling adventurer.

One of the cooler stories to get time in the spotlight was featured in a Yahoo! Movies interview with actor Nizwar Karanj, who plays the poor guy early in the film who gets his heart ripped out by Mola Ram. That scene is pretty graphic – and one of the reasons why the MPAA created the PG-13 rating in the first place – but Karanj reveals that Spielberg wanted it to be even more brutal.

According to the actor, Spielberg commissioned a face mold of the actor that would also be lowered into the lava before melting off the skull – essentially leaving the face floating in the lava for several seconds before it too melted to nothing. It sounds like Spielberg was trying to top the face-melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

We have no idea if the director actually shot the scene or not, but Karanj seems to think so, telling the site “But that scene was too gory for the censors, so they cut that! If you ever get a chance to see the uncensored version, that will be there."

If there is an uncensored version out there somewhere, this seems like a good time to cash in on it.

New Bowl Is the Best Way to Serve Your Chilled Monkey Brains to Guests

Speaking of gross moments from Temple of Doom, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the “chilled monkey brains” meal served right out of the skull of said monkey.

While getting your very own real monkey skull (and brains) might be a difficult proposition, you can at least grab this cool new bowl to gross out your guests at your next dinner party.


As you can see in the photo, the bowl looks pretty similar to the film prop – right down to the hair. We’re not sure we want hairy bowls (imagine getting food in the hair – or the hair in your food), but if we decide we do, this is our next purchase.

Such craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap, though, as one of these dishes will set you back $60. But if you’re a discerning host, this is a small price to pay for great dinnerware. [via Gizmodo]


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