'Indiana Jones 5' Update, Plus News on Blu-rays for 'E.T.' and the 'Indiana Jones' Series

'Indiana Jones 5' Update, Plus News on Blu-rays for 'E.T.' and the 'Indiana Jones' Series

Sep 13, 2011

If you were lucky enough to be at Hero Complex's 30th Anniversary screening of Raiders of the Los Ark last night in Los Angeles, then you were able to not only watch the film on the big screen, but you were also treated to a Q&A with Steven Spielberg and the evening's surprise guest, Harrison Ford. This was a pretty big event, and leading up to it we were under the impression that perhaps Spielberg would use this platform to finally let us in on what they have planned (if anything) for the future of the Indiana Jones franchise. Unfortunately, we didn't get much.

Reporting from the screening, AICN tells us that both Spielberg and Ford say they're down for another installment, with Ford joking that he "ain't gonna go to Mars!" However with Spielberg busy on both Lincoln and Robopocalypse, it's hard for us to see how they'd shoot another Indiana Jones until at least the latter part of 2013, which is why they're probably hesitant to commit to anything now.

Playing off the recent Star Wars tweaking controversy, Spielberg did ask the crowd whether they'd be disappointed if the 2002 Special Edition of E.T. weren't available on the upcoming Blu-ray (no release date yet), implying it will only include the original theatrical cut. Too bad Spielberg couldn't convince his pal George Lucas to do the same. Regarding Indiana Jones on Blu-ray, Spielberg said "soon" but wouldn't give a date. We also know (thanks to an earlier AICN interview with Spielberg) that a Jaws Blu-ray is being worked on now, though there's no date for that either. Wouldn't it be great if we just got all these Spielberg Blu-rays in one collection? Fat chance, but a boy can dream ...


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