Check Out This Wonderful Fan-Made 'Incredibles 2' Eye Candy, Plus a Bevy of Other Amazing Concept Art

Check Out This Wonderful Fan-Made 'Incredibles 2' Eye Candy, Plus a Bevy of Other Amazing Concept Art

Feb 10, 2012

The New Kid Concept Art

The sci-fi pop culture collectors over at recently dug up some incredible, fan-made concept art for Incredibles 2, and while we'll get to those images shortly, it sent us browsing around artist Edwin Rhemrev's online portfolio. It's filled with wonderfully imaginative landscapes and environment designs, several of which really caught our eye.

The first was for The New Kid (pictured above), which unfortunately some further digging tells us is in fact not for the animated film being developed by the minds behind Penny Arcade and screenwriter Gary Whitta. It is however for an upcoming short film about a little green blob, and you can check out artist Junaid Chundrigar's blog for a few more sketches from the project.

The next piece that really struck us was a design for Floodliners, a post-apocalyptic world where, according to Rhemrev, "tsunamis have flooded most of the lands, causing land to become extremely valuable." Rhemrev hasn't stopped here, either. He's also got visualizations for trading posts, cargo hauls and a floating market.


Next there's this piece of art that's clearly inspired by the likes of Tomb Raider, Uncharted and the 16-bit version of Pitfall.

River Chic

And, of course, then there's the Incredibles 2 concept pieces. We should emphasize that these are in no way a sign that a sequel to Brad Bird's Pixar film is farther along than anyone imagined. Rhemrev has nothing to do with the hypothetical film, he just happens to really love the Incredibles.

Incredibles 2 Concept Art

Incredibles 2 Concept Art

Incredibles 2 Art

Four more images from the Incredibles 2 set can be found here. And finally, because why not, a visual pitch for a new Zelda game, Link's Revenge.

Zelda: Link's Revenge

If any of these strike your fancy, do check out Edwin Rhemrev's portfolio and blog. They're both packed with lovely concept work, like this random creature that brings to mind Abe's Odyssey or this pitch for Space Cowboys or this tip-of-the-digital-paint-brush to The Wizard of Oz. And if you really love what Rhemrev brings to the table, he's got an artbook for sale.

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