Inception Breaks a Blu-ray Sales Record

Inception Breaks a Blu-ray Sales Record

Dec 16, 2010

Since Blu-rays debuted in 2006 and even after the ridiculous format war with HD DVD ended, naysayers have cried from the highest mountaintops that Blu-ray is "just a niche market" and that DVD is "good enough for most people." Those progress-inhibited journalists can start to eat crow this year, especially with the news from Nielsen that Inception got 65% of its total disc sales of the week ending December 12 from the Blu-ray edition, besting Iron Man 2's previous record of 52%. That means of all the people who went out to get Christopher Nolan's mind-bending blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio on disc, only 35% got it on standard DVD. With millions of Blu-ray players and HDTVs in homes in 2010, it doesn't seem like DVD is always "good enough" anymore.

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