'In Saturn's Rings' Trailer: A Homemade Project Turns into an IMAX Movie

'In Saturn's Rings' Trailer: A Homemade Project Turns into an IMAX Movie

Jul 09, 2013

There are man-made objects -- mind-blowing feats of engineering and ingenuity, really -- that left our planet decades ago and are still gliding through space, beaming back information to our dinky, little home world. One of those is the Cassini-Huygens. It left Earth orbit in 1997 and arrived in the orbit of Saturn in 2004. Since then it's been taking all kinds of pictures of its new celestial neighborhood and sending them our way. An aspiring filmmaker has taken several thousand of these photos and turned them into a very special film.

Created by Stephen Van Vuuren, In Saturn's Rings is a look at a place no man has ever been and is unlikely to reach anytime soon. "But I've seen all this space stuff on the Science Channel," you say with a surprising amount of spite. Well, what makes In Saturn's Rings stand out is that there's not a frame of CGI in it. There are no complicated VFX. This is just thousands and thousands of high resolution pictures strung together using photoanimation techniques that are actually decades old. Vurren is blending this old-school technique with the cutting-edge future to make a complete package that you need to see to believe.

Vurrren would also like that people see it on the big screen to truly understand the beauty of the deep space on display, so he's rendered the entire project at the truly IMAX-worthy resolution of 6K. It's part science documentary, part art show, and all awesome. Check out the first trailer for In Saturn's Rings below, and keep your eye on the film's official site for when you might have a chance to see it.



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