'Need for Speed' Casts Its Leading Lady

'Need for Speed' Casts Its Leading Lady

Nov 01, 2012

Imogen Poots isn't a name one would associate with Hollywood blockbusters, but the British actress will be taking a lead role in Need for Speed alongside Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. The Late Quartet actress will be playing an exotic car dealer for the wealthy, according to Heat Vision. The film is primed in the tradition of 1970s car-culture movies, while aiming to be faithful to the spirit of the Electronic Arts video game series. We don't know too much about Paul's role yet, but the Gone in 60 Seconds/Fast and Furious vibe should be enough to satisfy most fans of race-savvy spectacles for now.

Meanwhile, The Playlist reports that Need for Speed cowriter John Gatins (Flight, Real Steel) couldn't be more perfect for the gig. "I'm a car freak," he told the website during press rounds at the Savannah Film Festival. "I really love cars, and my agents said to me, 'Do you know the video game Need for Speed?' and I said, 'Yeah I do.' And they were like 'Well, Electronic Arts is curious about developing it into a movie.' So my brother and I cracked a story — because there's no narrative in the game — so we applied a narrative to it and we developed a script." Gatins called the development "a magical thing," and with casting like this we're feeling pretty positive about the racing project so far — if it can beat the video game adaptation curse, that is.

Weigh in with your thoughts below on Poots casting, or impress us with your gearhead knowledge, below. We like cars lots.

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