New 'Skyfall' Trailer Premieres During Our Most Memorable IMAX Experience Ever

New 'Skyfall' Trailer Premieres During Our Most Memorable IMAX Experience Ever

Jul 13, 2012

Imagine sitting inside one of those massive dome-shaped planetarium theaters and watching 30 minutes of the most spectacular IMAX footage you've ever seen while a world-famous DJ spins records specifically curated to match the visuals on the screen. That's what IMAX Remix is, and that's what IMAX's first-ever comic-con event was all about. The DJ in question was Glen Morrison, and the screening was unlike any IMAX experience we've ever had, making the IMAX exclusive Skyfall trailer tacked on at the end of the performance feel like the sweetest cherry on top of a game-changing ice cream sundae.

The Skyfall trailer, which we imagine will be in IMAX theaters with The Dark Knight Rises next week, was pretty rad. We see more of the film's jaw-dropping train sequence, in which Bond (Daniel Craig) battles bad guys on top of a speeding train. Without sounding hyperbolic, this has the makings of one of Bond's all-time greatest action pieces. The trailer is also memorable in that it reintroduces Q to the Bond franchise, this time played by Ben Whishaw, who comes off as a young nerdy kid who can do more damage with his laptop than Bond can do with his gun and fists. The brief exchanges in the trailer between Bond and Q bring a much-welcomed bit of humor to the Daniel Craig Bond movies, and it was definitely fun to watch.

Other moments that stood out were a bunch of scenes featuring Bond and new Bond girl Naomie Harris, as well as some striking Asia-set sequences and, of course, another one of those "Bond, James Bond" moments that we've come to expect and anticipate from this franchise.

The Skyfall trailer was great -- and seeing James Bond in IMAX for the first time was a treat -- but we still can't get out minds off the IMAX Remix experience. When you think of unique ways to help bring moviegoers back to theaters, this is exactly that. There's 3D and 4D and all that artificial eye-candy, and then there's the stuff IMAX is trying to do. Watching the aerial shots flying over mountains and canyons and then diving underwater was so intense, every emotion in my body was screaming for more -- ecstatic not only because a moviegoing experience like this exists, but also because of the potential for where they could take these ideas in the future.

Here's hoping IMAX begins touring with this IMAX Remix experience if they're not already doing so. It was easily this writer's favorite part of comic-con so far.

Note: Image above is not from our event, but it gives you a great idea of what our immersive experience looked like.


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