You Can Now Own a Private IMAX Theater

You Can Now Own a Private IMAX Theater

Apr 30, 2013

There's a war going on for your moviegoing dollars. Each increase in ticket price at the box office is met with more audiences opting to stay at home. Sure, it may cost a few grand up front to build a high quality setup in your living room, but it can certainly save you money in the long run -- especially if you have a family and are tired of paying $100 for a night at the movies every time a new blockbuster hits. And so movie theaters are now forced to retaliate. Not by lowering ticket prices -- that would be silly -- but by making the theatrical experience a true one of a kind. And IMAX is just one of many weapons in the exhibitor's war chest. 

So what's the next logical step? IMAX at home, of course.

That's right, IMAX -- creators of some of the biggest and loudest movie theaters in the world -- are entering the home theater market. It's going to cost more than a few thousand bucks to own the newly unveiled IMAX Private Theatre, though. In fact, the website makes no mention of price whatsoever. You have to "request a personal introduction" to learn the mystical secret, which is a polite way of saying, "Don't even call this number unless you're really, really rich."

So, for now, an IMAX Private Theatre is something that only the megarich are going to be able to afford, and that's fine. What's more interesting is that IMAX is launching this endeavor altogether. Sure, it may start out as something only movie stars themselves can afford, but let this war for your movie bucks play out for a few more years and the price is bound to fall. Until then, feel free to salivate at the idea of having one of these at your beck and call.



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