Image(s) of the Day: Cool Art Deco Superhero Posters

Image(s) of the Day: Cool Art Deco Superhero Posters

Nov 02, 2011

French artist Greg Guillemin has a penchant for minimalism and clean design — this time inspired by the Art Deco period and other early 20th century art movements to transform superhero characters into unique works of art. The Silver Surfer under Guillemin's hand looks more like the iconic "false Maria" from Fritz Lang's Metropolis instead of the Jack Kirby creation. Batman is perhaps the best looking of the bunch, thanks to his sleek costume. (A Bauhaus Batman!? Amazing!) Hellboy and others make appearances, with Tony Stark's Iron Man resembling the awesome designs of early propaganda art. Check out a few of the images below ...

[via Geekologie]

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