Image of the Day: Yes, It's a Movie-Related Halloween Costume

Image of the Day: Yes, It's a Movie-Related Halloween Costume

Oct 31, 2011

Obviously we knew we'd be throwing up a movie-related Halloween costume for our Image of the Day, but the difficulty in that was in trying to track down a costume worthy of the honor. We came across so many great costumes over the weekend, as partygoers traveled from one fun costume party to the next, drunkenly sharing their amusing photos with the entire online world via Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. So we could've easily put up an image of some slutty Snow White doing Jell-O shots off a slutty Wonder Woman, but what's the fun in that? Where's the creativity?

Nope, this year we decided to go with a costume that's a) inventive, b) hard to put together, and c) based on a character from one of our (okay, mine) favorite movies of all time. Yup, courtesy of Reddit comes this fantastic costumed version of Doc Brown from the scene in Back to the Future when Marty first walks up to his front door in 1955, complete with his crazy thought-predicting hat, silver bathrobe, grey hair and Flux Capacitor drawing.

Check out the costume and the original version below, and feel free to let us know what your favorite movie-related Halloween costumes were this year.

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