Image of the Day: World Map Shows Us Who Googles "Zombies" the Most

Image of the Day: World Map Shows Us Who Googles "Zombies" the Most

Sep 28, 2011

Which country is the most obsessed with zombies? Using a keyword search for the word "zombies," this map was pieced together to serve as a visual marking as to where the highest concentration of people Googling zombies reside. Not surprisingly it would appear as if the United States and Europe reign supreme when it comes to the need to know more and more about the undead, with all sorts of giant red marks (an indicator of the most amount of searches) hovering over California, probably because of all the Hollywood executives (and screenwriters, and actors, and directors) doing research for potential zombie movies.

Other locations where zombies seem to be real popular include the New York area, Florida, Texas, Germany, Poland and other nearby countries. Everywhere else in the world? Not much at all. South America, Africa, and a giant chunk of Asia have nada. There are some small pockets of searches in Japan and Australia, though not much. But hey, at least we know New York and Los Angeles will be most prepared in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Check out the map below, and click on it to enlarge

[via Geekologie]

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