Image of the Day: Which Teen Movie Franchise is LeBron James Reading Before Playoff Games?

Image of the Day: Which Teen Movie Franchise is LeBron James Reading Before Playoff Games?

May 22, 2012

Every professional athlete has their routine before a big game. Some like to listen to hard rock or hip-hop to get them in the mood to go to war on the playing field (or court), while others might want to meditate in order to completely clear their mind so its ready to help them succeed come game time. And then you have guys like LeBron James -- arguably the NBA's best basketball player -- who likes to prepare for a huge playoff game by ... reading The Hunger Games.

Yup, this is a shot of James prior to Game 4 of the Miami Heat/Indiana Pacers game, where he was back in the locker room, quite obviously engrossed in Suzanne Collins' world. It may not be fair to say he's "obsessed" with The Hunger Games ... yet, but for someone like him to read something like that before one of the biggest games of his professional career, we'd like to think he's kinda into it. 

On a more serious note, way to go James! These days it's hard enough for a man to read a book like The Hunger Games in public because of the backlash from people who claim these books are only meant for tweens and teens, and so good on you LeBron James for showing the entire world that there's nothing wrong with reading (and liking) The Hunger Games, even if you're a star in the NBA and one of the greatest athletes on the planet. [via Deadspin, who provided the image]

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