Image of the Day: Well, That's One Way to Sell a Movie

Image of the Day: Well, That's One Way to Sell a Movie

Oct 28, 2011

So now that the found-footage genre has covered everything from ghosts to space monsters to exorcisms, it's time to find a new angle to exploit, right? That's where the film The Lost Coast Tapes comes in, which is currently up for sale at the American Film Market. This found-footage flick has chosen the legend of Bigfoot as its entry point into the genre, and it apparently follows a documentary crew who head into the woods to prove that claims of a real Sasquatch are nothing but a hoax. Based on this impressive, can't-take-your-eyes-off-it sales poster, something tells us it's not a hoax.

While the poster is real cool, we have no idea what the finished product looks like, yet we readily admit that it's a fun -- if not expected -- concept. We also dig the tagline, "It Doesn't Like Being Called A Hoax," though we can't imagine a creature like Bigfoot even understanding what the word "hoax" means. Relative newcomer Corey Grant directed the film, which stars a few up-and-comers from shows like The Closer and Law & Order, but we've come to expect that from found-footage movies since part of what makes them spookier (and more authentic) is that they star folks we've never seen before.

No word on release since it first has to sell, but damn it if that's not one of the cooler posters we've seen all year. For further updates on this film's future, keep tabs on its Facebook page. Whaddya think? Would you see this?

[via First Showing]

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