Image of the Day: Vin Diesel Shows Off the New Riddick

Image of the Day: Vin Diesel Shows Off the New Riddick

Jan 20, 2012

The latest entry in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise that Pitch Black spawned many moons ago may have had a bumpy road to production, and it may still be without an official title, but at least it's finally in front of cameras, as evidenced by a picture star Vin Diesel shared with fans on his Facebook page. The image itself is pretty lackluster and without any grand revelations, unless you've been dying to see Diesel swap his Fast Five muscle shirts for a set of armor that appears to provide absolutely no protection for one's massive arms, in which case it delivers in spades.

Obviously we have no idea if this will be Riddick's look throughout the film or just one of many, but it's interesting to see how it compares to the first concept art released for the film, which gives the last Furyan a bigger blade and a less ornate chest piece:

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