Image of the Day: "Feed Me!"

Image of the Day: "Feed Me!"

Nov 23, 2011

In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow and our upcoming quest to eat as much turkey meat as our stomachs will allow, we wanted to highlight a meat-eating, food-related image today that was also somehow tied to movies. Thus, we have this awesome Little Shop of Horrors cake from the Sweet on Cake bakery in San Francisco, who created the cake for an actor who starred as Seymour in a local play.

Admit it, you're loving the layers on this one. The plant eats the man -- we eat the entire thing -- and everyone goes home happy on a full stomach. Of course we couldn't post this image without also posting a couple of our favorite scenes from the Rick Moranis-starring 1986 movie, too. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (And watch out for killer, man-eating plants!)


[via Neatorama]

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