Image of the Day: If You Buy an 'Avengers' Shirt in Puerto Rico, This Is What You Get

Image of the Day: If You Buy an 'Avengers' Shirt in Puerto Rico, This Is What You Get

Mar 07, 2012

In an alternate movie universe, this Avengers movie would probably be a lot more interesting than the one hitting theaters in May (at least for critics), probably because James Cameron would have something to do with it, and, well, is that Michael Keaton's Batman? Cameron's Avatar characters are featured on this shirt alongside Batman and Spider-Man in what one Redditer claims is a t-shirt for The Avengers. While we don't see any Avengers logo on here (maybe it says something on the sticker), we'll run with it, and credit the fine movie geeks of Puerto Rico for inventing a big-screen mashup that would be impossible to accomplish in real life because three separate studios own the rights to these characters. But in the event they were able to make this movie -- working title: The Amazing Dark Knight of Pandora? -- there's no question it would soon become the highest grossing movie ever. Final verdict: Yeah, we kinda want one of these.

[via Reddit, via Geekologie]

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