Image of the Day: Here's What 'Tintin' Would Look Like in Real Life

Image of the Day: Here's What 'Tintin' Would Look Like in Real Life

Dec 22, 2011

Some dude was working in his office one day, and when he glanced over at the guy sitting next to him he realized, hey, my co-worker looks just like the character Tintin from that brand-new Steven Spielberg movie opening up in the United States this week! And so he took a picture of this person, and, yup -- he looks just like Tintin, only minus the glorious adventures and even-cooler hair flip. He looks more like the version of Tintin who's stuck working in a cubicle all day, glued to multiple monitors while weird cartoon sketches mock him from the wall. Still, though, we'd go on an adventure with him. Yes we would.

Would you? Check out the comparison below (click image to enlarge), via Reddit ...


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