Image of the Day: Edgar Wright Teases Marvel's 'Ant-Man' on Twitter

Image of the Day: Edgar Wright Teases Marvel's 'Ant-Man' on Twitter

May 07, 2012

After The Avengers shattered records this weekend with a ridiculous $200 million haul, Disney will definitely be looking more to Marvel when it comes to their upcoming tentpoles. That's not a bad thing if you're a fan of superhero movies, and if you're Edgar Wright that might just mean his long-in-development Ant-Man movie will be given the greenlight. Wright has been working alongside his buddy Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) for a few years on adapting the Ant-Man story for the big screen, and while we know they're closer than ever to giving it the go-ahead, we still have not received official confirmation that this will become a film ... until now?

Over the weekend Wright tweeted the following image, saying "Received this in the mail. What can it mean?" Well it's pretty obvious this has something to do with Ant-Man, but what, exacltly, we do not know. Regardless, we can't be too far away from Marvel officially announcing a release date for this project. If fans get nothing out of all this Ant-Man teasing, Marvel and Mr. Wright will have some serious explaining to do ... [via @edgarwright]

But is this just fan art? If you watch this video we posted on Friday, fan art that's very similar to the Ant-Man image above is featured about 10 seconds in. So could this have just been a fan sending Edgar some art, or is there more?

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