Image of the Day: Buzz Lightyear Goes Where No 'Toy Story' Has Ever Gone Before

Image of the Day: Buzz Lightyear Goes Where No 'Toy Story' Has Ever Gone Before

Nov 18, 2011

Everyone has a story from their youth of a time when either they or someone they knew accidentally stuck or swallowed something stupid inside of them, be it loose change, a small toy, or, ya know, a Buzz Lightyear up the butt. Three doctors recently got together and decided to publish a book full of x-ray images of objects they found stuck inside of people. It's called Stuck Up! 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be, and the whole thing is kind of hilarious. Just check out some of these chapter headings: "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral," Hardware or Hard Where," and "Odds in Ends." Today we're focusing on the "Toys in Trouble" chapter, with a little adventure our buddy Buzz Lightyear went on.

In the new short film Small Fry (playing in front of The Muppets), Buzz Lightyear finds himself replaced by a tiny, fast-food-sized version of himself. He then must find a way back home, stopping briefly at a very amusing support group for discarded fast-food toys. Buzz's adventure in this new book played out a bit differently. You'll have to read the book to know how, exactly, a Buzz Lightyear toy got stuck up someone's butt, but in the meantime we have this image for you, courtesy of TMZ.

Not exactly the kind of material to inspire the next Toy Story short, though we can't help but be interested in what sort of rescue plan Woody might hatch in a situation like this one. You?

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