Image of the Day: 'The Darkest Hour' Takes a Page from 'District 9' with its Alien Warning Signs

Image of the Day: 'The Darkest Hour' Takes a Page from 'District 9' with its Alien Warning Signs

Nov 29, 2011

Yes, there's one more alien invasion movie itching to hit theaters this year before the ball drops on 2012, and it's called The Darkest Hour. Due out on Christmas Day, The Darkest Hour takes an interesting approach with its aliens, in that they're energy-based and use that to fry-blast any poor human who crosses their path. Taking a page from District 9's marketing plan, The Darkest Hour has just released these fun alien warning signs that reveal more about the film's enemy (as in how they kill you).

Emile Hirch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella and Rachael Taylor play four kids traveling in Moscow when the aliens attack, forcing them to band together to survive the electrical invasion. Expect lots of running and fighting back to ensue.

Check out the signs below, with a couple more over at io9. Click image to enlarge

An example of District 9's alien warning signs


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