Image of the Day: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Heads to Pittsburgh

Image of the Day: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Heads to Pittsburgh

Jul 29, 2011

Pittsburgh celebrated and welcomed the production of The Dark Knight Rises by hosting a press conference with key members of the film (among them Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan), and later launched a laser-light show across the city, projecting the Bat-signal onto the famous Highmark building.

During the press conference Bale -- who was wearing a beard and dark sunglasses (do these scenes take place while Bruce Wayne is still in hiding?) mentioned that they'd been blanketing the city in fake snow, later adding, "I think the architecture of this city is a very beautiful city on a very impressive scale and yet one which has a community that hasn't lost its human scale. Those are two elements that are extremely hard to find and incredibly valuable to a production like 'The Dark Knight Rises,' where we're really looking to have the architecture of a major American city somewhat disrupted by what we're going to do."

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