Image of the Day: 'Inception' in Real Life

Image of the Day: 'Inception' in Real Life

Feb 28, 2012

Here's a very cool image taken above a highway in South Korea. At face value, all this image really shows us is a highway that gets wider in order to make room for all the toll booth lanes. But if you look at the image another way, it actually appears as if the highway is almost folding in on itself, with the cars -- especially in the top portion -- driving straight up or down as the highway begins to bend. All of it, of course, is reminiscent of the trippy dream-within-a-dream-like segments from Christopher Nolan's Inception, most notably the scene featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page walking around a city that begins to bend and fold right before our eyes.

Check out the image and the clip below. [via Reddit]


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