Image of the Day: 'American Reunion' Cast Re-create Original 1999 'American Pie' Poster

Image of the Day: 'American Reunion' Cast Re-create Original 1999 'American Pie' Poster

Dec 08, 2011

Universal has just released the new American Reunion poster via MTV, and those of you around for the original 1999 release will notice something eerily familiar about this image in that it is almost an exact re-creation of the first American Pie poster. The only differences between the two have to do with the flute being replaced by a baby bottle, the guys are all wearing suits, and the pie in the lower left-hand corner only has one piece left, fitting nicely with the film's tagline, "Save the Best Piece for Last."

Of course the cast looks older; Chris Klein has less hair and Tara Reid looks less slutty than she did in the original. In what will perhaps be the last big-screen installment starring original cast-members, American Reunion reunites practically the entire original American Pie cast for one last go-round tied to their 10-year high school reunion.

Check out both posters below (hit MTV for a larger version), as well as the most recent trailer. American Reunion touches down on April 6th.

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