Image of the Day: A 17-Year-Old Kevin Smith Playing Kenickie in 'Grease'

Image of the Day: A 17-Year-Old Kevin Smith Playing Kenickie in 'Grease'

Feb 17, 2012

Who knew Kevin Smith was one of the drama club kids in high school? The writer-director-actor-podcaster-comedian tweeted this image of his 17-year-old self belting out groovy tunes as the character Kenickie in his high school's version of Grease, noting, "A hickey from Kenickie may get you eaten alive if the Kenickie is THIS FAT! 17 yr old Kev Smith IS The Fat Kenickie." One thing we noticed about this image is that it looks to be a screengrab taken from a video, which means Smith probably has a VHS tape of this musical shoved in a box somewhere. And from the looks of it, the teen is right in the middle of throwing down some "Greased Lightnin'" on the crowd, Red Bank-style.

Here's hoping Smith uploads some clips from this soon because you know your bored ass needs a little 17-year-old Kevin Smith belting this out of your cubicle with the volume turned way up ...

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