I'll Take That for a Dollar

I'll Take That for a Dollar

Jul 15, 2009

Blu-ray Bob is pleased that sales figures indicate that people are adopting Blu-ray technology at an ever-increasing rate. Since the confusing format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray ended last year, more people are choosing BD players to watch movies on their HDTVs. Once you go Blu, standard definition just won’t do. Still, we’re deep in a recession, which means although few will deny a Blu-ray’s superiority over DVD, a lot of people don’t have hundreds of disposable dollars to shell out for a player. When Blu-ray Bob first dove into deep Blu waters with his first-gen Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1, the slow-loading beast retailed for a jaw-dropping $1,500. In the short couple of years since then, we’re now entering the era of sub-$100 players. Wal-Mart has the Magnavox NB530MGX profile 1.1 player for $98 in stores. The Insignia NS-BRDVD, also profile 1.1, can be found on Amazon.com for less than a Benny, too. There are at least nine other excellent players in the $100-$200 range that will give your home theater a serious upgrade—an option that wasn’t available only a year ago at this price point. If, right now, you are watching your Harry Potter DVDs blown up on your giant 60-inch screen before you line up for the new one in the theater, now might be the time to upgrade and see what you’ve been missing.

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