If the World Ends Friday, What Movie Do You Most Regret Never Seeing?

If the World Ends Friday, What Movie Do You Most Regret Never Seeing?

Dec 19, 2012

The world might end this Friday. As believed to be predicted by the Mayans, the end will come at the winter solstice of 2012, which is December 21. In two days, you could plausibly find yourself zapped by aliens to make way for a galactic bypass or turned to dust by a passing comet or riding in a limousine trying to outrun the total collapse of Los Angeles. Hopefully you've seen a few post-apocalyptic films to help you if you somehow survive to December 22.

Speaking of films you may or may not have seen, the threat of doomsday has made me think about all the films in my Netflix queue that I apparently need to get through in a very short period of time. I'll never do it. Especially since I can't actually spend all day Thursday watching movies instead of working, just in case the Mayans got it wrong. There's also the matter of Holy Motors, which I haven't had the opportunity to go see yet. It's supposed to be the best film of the year, and it might be the last best film of the year ever. Some people make it sound like that would be just fine and even appropriate. 

One of the reasons I haven't seen Holy Motors, though, is because I still haven't seen Hiroshima Mon Amour, for no other reason than I just haven't yet. Apparently its referenced in the newer film. Of course, there are hundreds of classics I still haven't seen. Including many necessary documentaries. How do I show up at the gates of Heaven and have to answer to St. Peter when he says, "So, you're the documentary guy, huh? What do you think of Vernon, Florida?" I'd exclaim, "Come on! Why does that have to be the Errol Morris film you choose?"

Other classics I'll be kicking myself for not having seen (wait, does heaven not have movies?) include Au Hasard Balthazar, The Decalogue, Persona, The Red Shoes, Grand Illusion and the rest of Shoah (I've only seen an hour). Then there are those films that haven't come out yet -- including Zero Dark Thirty for those of us outside New York and L.A. No matter what the afterlife is like, won't it be like hell always being curious what Star Wars: Episode VII might have looked like? If it had been more original trilogy or prequel trilogy?



What movie will you most regret not seeing if the world ends Friday?

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