If Only All 'Transformers' Ads Were This Smart, Cool and Inventive

If Only All 'Transformers' Ads Were This Smart, Cool and Inventive

Jun 13, 2013


French paper artist Bertrand Le Pautremat, whose creations are known for their unique transparency, teamed up with toy company Hasbro for an advertisement that brings a little bit of zen to its Transformers line, which is forever linked to Michael Bay's boobtacular adaptation.
The artist created a set of stylish instructions that allow readers to turn the print ad into a plane, then a Transformer. Nothing says, "I'm an alien robot" like the Japanese art of origami. Now you can reenact the great wars between the Autobots and the evil Decepticons in elegant paper form. Bay's sexplosions have nothing on your mad folding skills. The ad is a clever and fun way to reintroduce a classic toy line to those who have an eye for design. If you're feeling adventurous, print this bad boy out and test your crafty paper prowess. Feel free to tweet us your photos to @Moviesdotcom. [via Design Taxi]

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