If 'Back to the Future' and Ghostbusters' Had Their Own LEGO Sets, They'd Look Like This

If 'Back to the Future' and Ghostbusters' Had Their Own LEGO Sets, They'd Look Like This

Dec 08, 2011

On today's episode of Things We Just Discovered That Are Pretty Awesome, we talk about the new global LEGO project called Cuusoo. Like Kickstarter, Cuusoo is a site where LEGO fans can upload their own ideas for new LEGO sets, with images of their fan-created versions used as props to sell the idea not only to LEGO, but to the fan community who vote on which ideas they'd like to see become a reality. Once a concept reaches 10,000 votes, LEGO will officially consider the concept, though of course they reserve the right not to create it. If they do, however, decide to create it, the person whose concept it is gets 1% of all product sales. So far, only two ideas were used -- both in Japan, where the site first launched.

One of the site's most popular concepts so far involves a Back to the Future set that includes the DeLorean, with versions of Marty and Doc from both the first and second films (skateboard and hoverboard also included). The concept has received almost 1600 votes, with LEGO already reaching out to the creator saying this is a project that'd be perfect for the film's 30th anniversary in 2015, which is a year Nike also sort of half-promised to have the real-deal auto-lacing sneakers on the market.

The LEGO site is still new and so many of the concepts don't have a lot of votes yet. Check out some of our favorite movie-related ideas below, and hit up Cuusoo for more.

Which movie-related LEGO set do you want to see on the market, like, yesterday?

[via HeavyFuture]

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