Idris Elba Wants to Become a Real Kickboxer

Idris Elba Wants to Become a Real Kickboxer

Aug 23, 2016

Before he was one of the most sought after A-list directors around, Jon Favreau was an actor. His most notable TV role was an arc on Friends where he played Pete, a billionaire in love with Monica. His storyline ends rather abruptly, though, when he declares his life goal is to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. So he puts everything aside, trains day and night, and then fails miserably and is never really heard from again.

Before he was one of the most sought after A-list actors around, Idris Elba was a bit of a fitness nut. Kickboxing started as a hobby to just stay in shape (he's complained in interviews that he's not allowed to do it while filming a movie), but apparently he's always had a secret yearning to take things up a notch and become an actual fighter. And now he's pushing life aside and making it happen, and we'll all be able to watch the transformation. 

Idria Elba: Fighter will be a documentary miniseries chronicling the pursuit, from the initial training all the way up to when he steps into the right to fight a veteran kickboxer in a no-holds-barred match. It'll air on Discovery Networks in early 2017, probably around the same time The Dark Tower hits theaters. 

Hopefully he's a bit more successful than Favreau's Pete.

If his Instagram account is any indication, he's already off to a better start.


Cutting weight, two days before first fight, mind in the right place. Fear NO guy.

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