Re-create Your Favorite Movie Rides with These Awesome Lego Kits

Re-create Your Favorite Movie Rides with These Awesome Lego Kits

Apr 03, 2014

Lego Serenity from FireflyEveryone loves Legos, the instantly recognizable building blocks that can be used to create just about anything your imagination can think up. Since everyone here loves movies (and The Lego Movie, natch), merging Legos and movies sure seems like a brilliant thing.

That’s what the guys at Ichiban Toys thought, too – and their hard work will pay off in spades if you’ve been yearning to build some classic-movie vehicles out of Lego blocks. The company has crafted a series of custom Lego kits (not licensed by the block makers) that will allow you to create some of the most iconic vehicles in movie history.

With prices ranging from $25 through to the limited edition Vanship (from Last Exile) at $230, there’s something for everyone’s budget. More importantly, with nerd-friendly sets from titles like Doctor Who to Firefly, there’s something for pretty much everyone’s taste.

A few of our favorites are the following:

The Orca: You’re gonna need a bigger boat or some bigger blocks if you want to take on Bruce the Lego shark in this awesome re-creation of Quint’s vessel from Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. The boat comes with enough room for you to include your own figures, so bust out your Lego Quint and start singing about the ladies of Spain.

Lego Orca from Jaws

The Enterprise: Boldly go where no block has gone before with multiple iterations of Star Trek’s most iconic ship. Just make sure Kirk is driving – we don’t want to know about your Lego Picard adventures.

Lego Enterprise

The Delorean: Travel back in time with the fifth version of the classic car from Back to the Future. Can a car with blocks for wheels reach the necessary 88 miles per hour? Find out for yourself once you assemble this awesome kit.

Leog Delorean BTTF

These are just a few of the awesome sets available through Ichiban. Check out its Amazon page for even more goodies – and if you happen to buy a kit, let us know what you think of it when you put it together. 

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