'I, Frankenstein' Finally Moving Forward at Lionsgate With Aaron Eckhart to Star

'I, Frankenstein' Finally Moving Forward at Lionsgate With Aaron Eckhart to Star

Oct 07, 2011

I, Frankenstein

Back in April of 2009 it was revealed that Shock Till You Drop editor Ryan Turek was helping develop and co-produce a live-action adaptation of Kevin Grevioux' (of the Underworld franchise) comic series I, Frankenstein.  After one of Turek's producing partners got into some legal heat, news about the project pretty much dried up entirely.  Until today, that is.  

Now Deadline is reporting that I, Frankenstein is once again heading to the big screen.  This time it is being developed as a Lionsgate project directed by Collateral screenwriter Stuart Beattie and starring Aaron Eckhart as the titular monster.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like Turek, one of the horror genre's greatest champions, is mentioned anywhere in the press release announcing this new iteration of the story about Victor Frakenstein's creation surviving to the modern day and finding himself in the middle of a "centuries old war between two immortal clans." (Yep, sounds like it's from the Underworld creator alright.)

No cast beyond Eckhart has been announced, but the film does have a February 22, 2013 release date, so expect production news to start solidifying in the coming months.

Note: The above concept art is from the Turek-involved version of the film, so don't expect Frankenstein to look like that in the Lionsgate version.

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