'I Declare War' Trailer Turns Kids' Fantasy Game into Real Combat

'I Declare War' Trailer Turns Kids' Fantasy Game into Real Combat

Aug 21, 2012

Fact: It is impossible for a boy to walk through the woods carrying a gun-shaped stick and not imagine that they're the baddest mofo on the battlefield. That's just science. It's also the premise of I Declare War, a film about a group of boys playing a fantasy game of war in the woods. Except the movie shows what the boys are up to through their own fantasy lens.

Cardboard tubes become assault rifles, water balloons become grenades. And, of course, the stakes have never been higher. Friends become enemies; enemies become friends. And then there's even a dame thrown into the mix to shake everything up. It's chaos.

The trailer for the film is a little stiff in places, but you can certainly see the potential fun behind it all. We're not sure if it'll dethrone War of the Buttons (which was remade last year in France) as the greatest movie ever about the wars kids cook up in their imaginations, but we're very curious to see Canadian filmmaker Jason Lapeyre give it a shot. Our own Brian Salisbury saw it at ActionFest and was charmed but not blown away, though it did go on to win Best Film and Best Screenplay at the festival.

I Declare War will soon be playing at both the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, so you may want to catch it at either since it's currently without any distribution.

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