'I Declare War' Trailer: It's Like a Coming-of-Age Movie on Steroids

'I Declare War' Trailer: It's Like a Coming-of-Age Movie on Steroids

Jul 12, 2013

In a year that's given us some of the best coming-of-age movies we've seen in decades (literally, decades) comes one more you need to keep an eye on. I Declare War is probably the most inventive and angry out of the recent crop of movies about kids coming to terms with the next stage in their lives, but it does an amazing job of both being a wildly entertaining '80s action-movie throwback and also one that investigates the extreme and somewhat troubling competitive nature found in young kids and how that manifests itself in different ways. 

It's a hard movie to explain in a trailer because much of the film takes place from the perspective of these kids playing a not-so-innocent game of "War" in their local woods. A game that eventually escalates to ridiculous and dangerous proportions. Occasionally the POV changes to show us these kids are just pretending before switching back to a POV that's like a gateway inside their wicked imaginations, and that transition is a little difficult to sell in a tiny preview like this. 

That being said, the crowd we saw this with at Fantastic Fest (where it took home an audience award) went bonkers for the brilliant way it manages to inject you directly into the complexities of childhood while still being a really engaging action movie starring a group of child actors who are both unknown and yet eerily familiar all at the same time. 

I Declare War arrives on VOD/iTunes on July 26 and in select theaters on August 30. If you dig action movies and coming-of-age movies, then trust us and seek this one out. 



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