I Am Number Four Aims for Number One on DVD and Blu-ray This May

I Am Number Four Aims for Number One on DVD and Blu-ray This May

Apr 07, 2011

The teen sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four guns to be "Twilight with aliens," but it remains to be seen if D.J. Caruso will get to direct a follow-up or if Four will stand alone. Alex Pettyfer plays the titular pretty alien from the planet Lorien who, alongside eight others, was sent to Earth as a child to escape the evil Mogadorians. John (aka Number Four) tries to fit in but his guardian (Timothy Olyphant) is always moving him around and discourages any picture taking in order to protect him. Watch as Four discovers his incredible powers, falls in love with fellow student (Dianna Agron) and passes her lots of Twilight-style knowing looks until the Mogadorians find him and disrupt the teen romance. Four and Number Six (Teresa Palmer) team up for some PG-13 action by way of Harry Potter in the film's third act.

Disney is hoping I Am Number Four connects with more young viewers when it releases the film on DVD and Blu-ray on May 24. Both versions will contain bloopers and "Becoming Number Six." The BD adds six deleted scenes with introductions by Caruso. It has been reported that Caruso wants to direct the next movie in 3D—the principle cast is signed on to return—but if it happens might be dependent on whether or not you make I Am Number Four number one on the home video charts.

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