They're Actually Making a 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' Movie

They're Actually Making a 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' Movie

Oct 04, 2012

A story in the LA Times today confirms Hasbro's plans to continue making movies based on many of their most popular toys and board games, despite the lackluster performance of Battleship back in May. On the agenda first is that Monopoly movie we've been cracking jokes about for years, with Ridley Scott still signed on to produce. Apparently that may be in production by next year, with plans to also make an Action Man movie and a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie, too.

Action Man is a British toy from the '60s that was inspired by G.I. Joe, and talk of a film has been tossed about for some time now, whereas Hungry Hungry Hippos is the head-scratcher of the lot. The game, which involves using a lever and a plastic hippo to scarf up as many marbles as you can, doesn't seem like it lends itself to a big-screen adaptation on paper. Then again, Hollywood has proven it can turn pretty much anything into a movie, and we fully expect Hungry Hungry Hippos to pop out some weird animated tale about talking hippos and their quest to eat tasty marbles. 

To soak up as wide an audience as they can, Hasbro says all three of these will be family movies (which kind of stinks because Hungry Hungry Hippos would make an awesome horror movie) that will hopefully be produced for under $100 million each. 

Which of the three do you think has the best shot at succeeding? 

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