The Conversation: 'Hunger Games' Teaser Teaser - If We Really Disapproved We Wouldn't Post It

The Conversation: 'Hunger Games' Teaser Teaser - If We Really Disapproved We Wouldn't Post It

Aug 26, 2011

I have this great idea for movie marketers, and I'll let y'all have it for free just in case it turns out to actually be irritating and therefore not cool to be responsible for. Send every movie site, especially the minor ones, an exclusive publicity still from your enormously hot movie that's not out for another year. The catch: each still iniitially looks the same (because it's always fun when sites fight about "exclusives"), but it turns out they're slightly off, like separate frames in a film, and all together in sequence they give you a whole one-second clip of action. Is there a program that makes animated flipbooks? There must be.

Or, you can keep teasing teasers for teaser trailers, as we saw this week with MTV's two commercials promoting its footage from The Hunger Games, which will air in full during Sunday's Video Music Awards. At first I figured I'd wait until Monday to check in on the conversation relating to the actual teaser clip, but I'm on the East Coast and me, myself and Irene could be busy hanging out together Sunday night (she's threatening to shut the power off just to get my attention, which would mean no cable). Besides, I think we'll be rounding up reactions to the official clip here at immediately. 

Anyway, the ridiculousness of these ads for ads (while not as bad as ads ahead of ads, which I really can't stand, YouTube users) is apparently quite humorous to a lot of bloggers. Fittingly, of course, they're keeping us hungry for more! Snark, snark. The irony: MTV might be milking it, but so aren't we all? Check out what people are saying about the ads (Twitter is for the excited, it seems) after watching them below:





Here is My One Letter Review of the One Second Preview of the Six Second Hunger Games Clip Set to Air at the VMAs: D. - Dustin Rowles, Pajiba

This is probably the first official footage from the eagerly-awaited The Hunger Games seen anywhere… but don’t get too excited. Or blink. - Dave Golder, SFX

So basically, it’s an excerpt of an excerpt of an excerpt. Yes, it has come to this. - Steven Zeitchik, 24 Frames

You may remember they pulled off a similar stunt with the Breaking Dawn teaser that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards, debuting a short teaser that showed the briefest glimpses of Edward and Bella's wedding. This Hunger Games clip is even shorter and ballsier, though they do spend a little time showing off the flaming Mockingjay image from motion poster, which I guess counts as footage. Either way, I can't believe they both got me to watch this video and that I'm actually excited about what it showed me. What can I say, when you're in the tank for The Hunger Games, you're in for the long haul. - Katey Rich, Cinema Blend

Three conclusions I can draw from this footage: 1. There will be shaky handheld photography, but the overall grittiness quotient is still unclear. 2. Jennifer Lawrence has good camp hair. 3. Despite protestations to the contrary, I actually got pretty excited by this footage. - Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly


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Devoid of anything resembling context, it's now your responsibility to fill in the particulars of this scene based on the little we know. Do you recognize it from the book? Is this the moment where Lawrence was told that Hunter Parrish was too busy shooting Weeds to play Peeta? Or did someone just show her Kristen Stewart's W cover? - Kyle Buchanan, Vulture

While that clip is obviously disappointing, MTV usually delivers the goods with these footage premieres so, if you’re a Hunger Games fan, it’ll probably be worth watching the VMA’s to check it out. - Germain Lussier, /Film

I'm mostly posting this to show my contempt for MTV for making this horrible teaser trailer teaser at all, and sites for posting it as news. Of course, I understand I'm part of the problem by posting it myself; however, I do genuinely hate myself, so really, there's no contradiction here. "Self-loathing" is right up there in the site's tagline, people. I may be awful, but at least I'm consistent. - Rob Bricken, Topless Robot

Thing about all of this is, I don't think The Hunger Games has the audience Lionsgate thinks it does. Is this franchise as big as the studio is hoping? It's definitely nowhere near the phenomenon of Twilight as I can still remember seeing people walking around with the first book, but I don't recall ever seeing someone reading "The Hunger Games". Maybe once the first trailer is released the phenomenon will gain a larger public persona, but for now it doesn't seem to me like it's the major attraction Lionsgate is painting it to be. - Brad Brevet, Rope of Silicon

@briantruitt: This is absurd. One second. Really?

@StefHarmon: A trailer for a trailer and I'm still excited

@AwesomeArianna: Seeing these #HungerGames trailer teasers is making me so excited!

@mirandahakim: MTV is such a troll!!! Lol they keep teasing us with a little footage and screenshots. JUST RELEASE THE TRAILER!!! Can't wait.

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