Watch/Donate: Major 'Hunger Games' Fan Film Seeks Major Fan Funding

Watch/Donate: Major 'Hunger Games' Fan Film Seeks Major Fan Funding

Mar 06, 2012

Star Squad PatchesIt’s pretty obvious at this point rhat The Hunger Games is huge. Not only is it on its way to a potential $100 million opening, but fans are downright rabid, but in a super-excited, yet entirely respectful way! They’re snatching up all the Hunger Games goodies that have hit the market from nail polish to those tiny little figurines, are coming out in droves for the film’s mall tour (which kicked off the other day in LA), snatching up the slew of magazines with the film’s stars on the covers and more. Sure, it’s great to come together and express your love for this incredible story, but what if it comes at a cost of $65,000? In comes IndieGoGo.

Meet a trio of die-hard Hunger Games fans: Woody Tondorf, Caroline Framke and Brendan Bradley. They’re going all out to show their devotion to Suzanne Collins’ books by, well, continuing them.


Ever wonder what went down during Katniss’ trial? Woody, Caroline and Brendan did, too! However, rather than just sit and ponder, they wrote the event out in the form of a feature script called Star Squad. What does that title have to do with Katniss’ trial? There’s actually another part to their story. Star Squad will also follow the new Star Squad, Squad 451, which, in the trio’s world is comprised of District 13 residents and careers who never got to compete in the Hunger Games as well as two major characters from the books, one of which is pretty easy to figure out courtesy of their promotional video.


You didn’t think three people could make a full feature all on their own, did you? They’re using IndieGoGo to promote the project and raise the $65,000 necessary to make Star Squad a reality. Sure, you could make a film on the cheap, and $65,000 is still pretty cheap for a feature (if that’s even their full budget), but if they’re going to do it right, they really do need the money. Should you choose to donate, they are offering some pretty cool rewards in return like a set visit for $250 donors and even an associate producer credit for $5,000 donors.

While I’ve never used IndieGoGo before, I am a Kickstarter veteran and the two sites are quite similar. So, why just hand over your money to aspiring filmmakers? If you’ve got cash to spare, that’s always a good reason, but it’s more about supporting something you really believe in -- and while the text of the Star Squad’s page is quite convincing, it’s that video that lets you see their passion, and that’s going to be the key selling tool. Then, once you donate, if the filmmakers stick with the campaign and keep the donors in the loop, it can be a really fun process to be part of the production. All the best, Star Squad!

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