Could You Survive 'The Hunger Games'? These Fan Tours Help Simulate the 'Hunger Games' Experience for Real

Could You Survive 'The Hunger Games'? These Fan Tours Help Simulate the 'Hunger Games' Experience for Real

Mar 28, 2012

Of course there's already a "Hunger Games Fan Tour" experience! Now that the film is crushing the box office, opening up the Hunger Games world to a whole lot more people, those looking to continue their Hunger Games experience outside the books and film can certainly do so by ponying up some cash for one of the Hunger Games Fan Tours, located in North Carolina's DuPont Recreational Forest, which is where the film was shot. 

Offered in day trips or weekend trips, the tours give fans the chance to explore the actual locations where the film was shot while also participating in a Hunger Games Simulation (weekend trips only), which includes training in archery, sling-shot shooting, fire building, orienteering, shelter building and camo-face painting. 

Check out this description of the weekend trip (via their official website), which sounds like the ultimate dream come true for the Hunger Games junkie in your life:

Start your Hunger Games Fan Tours’ Adventure Weekend on Friday by gathering at Earthshine Mountain Lodge for an incredible evening. You’ll be part of the lottery and get separated into your own District. You’ll then join other Tributes for a welcoming banquet – Hunger Games style.

Saturday you’ll be dropped on location in DuPont State Recreational Forest, where you’ll discover clues that will lead you to the filming location sites used in the movie. Your Sponsor will be on hand to assist you – and to teach you survival skills along the way. You’ll then reconvene at Earthshine Mountain Lodge for lunch. The afternoon will be filled with survival classes that you’ll need to participate in the Hunger Games Simulation: archery, sling shot training, fire building, orienteering, shelter building, and camo-face painting. In the evening you’ll have another Hunger Games dinner sponsored by the Capital – and you’ll night zip-line and see what it’s like to be in the tree tops at night like Katniss and Rue.
Sunday – you’ll convene for your Hunger Games Simulation. See if you and your district have what it takes to win the Hunger Games. Our Hunger Games Simulation will be timed trials of the skills you’ve learned over the weekend.
Sounds pretty awesome, eh? But what does it cost? 
Day trips run $79 per person, which include a shuttle to the park and lunch. Available dates include: May 26, 27, July 14, 15, August 11, 12.
Weekend trips run $389 per person (see above for description), and are available on April 27-29, June 8-10, June 22-24, July 27-29 and September 21-23. 
Drop us a note if you attend one of these and we'll hook you up with our Hunger Games Countdown writer Perri to discuss your experience for a future column.

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