Striking 'Hunger Games' Art Is Some of the Movie's Best Imagery Yet

Striking 'Hunger Games' Art Is Some of the Movie's Best Imagery Yet

Jun 20, 2014

Director Francis Lawrence returns to the Hunger Games series on November 21 with the release of Mockingjay — Part 1 (Part 2 follows on November 20, 2015). In anticipation of the next chapter in the YA best seller turned big-money franchise, Lionsgate has been ramping up its marketing efforts with some gorgeous new character posters and an interactive website.

The District Heroes Collection features stunning artwork “saluting” the different citizens from various districts. As the posters come from the affluent and nefarious Capitol, where the deadly Hunger Games take place, they resemble propaganda images from the past. The artworks help push Suzanne Collins’ sprawling universe beyond the big screen and book pages, introducing us to characters other than Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen and company. It’s a clever and fresh way to keep the story thriving.

Feel free to analyze the images to death, below, and visit TheCapitol.PN to register (free) and explore Capitol TV.




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