Tom Six Reveals Ridiculous 'Human Centipede 3' Details, Promises Biggest 'Pede Yet

Tom Six Reveals Ridiculous 'Human Centipede 3' Details, Promises Biggest 'Pede Yet

Sep 12, 2012

Tom Six Human Centipede directorIt’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything new about Tom Six and his plans for the third (and hopefully final) Human Centipede film. So long, in fact, that we sort of forgot all about it. Six must have realized that he was fading into pop-culture obscurity, because he’s back today with a new update sure to excite or revile the masses.

Six revealed his plans after the announcement of a new U.K. special-edition steelbook release featuring the original Human Centipede and the lesser regarded sequel, The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence. If you’re in the U.K. and eager to own a special collector’s set of Six’s unique brand of cinematic atrocity, you’ll be able to score this new version on October 29 (just in time for Halloween!)

Once that was all announced and good to go, Six shared his plans for the third film.

For all you fans of the Centipede Sequence series, principal photography on Human Centipede 3 will take place in the Southern states of the U.S. and writer-director Tom Six himself will play a supporting role in the film. The American finale will be 100% politically incorrect and will answer questions left lingering from the first films. The Human Centipede 3 will have a 500+ person 'pede. XXXXL American style!"

The filmmaker sure does love to milk the whole percentage thing. The first film was “100% medically accurate,” the second was “100% medically inaccurate,” and now this one will be “100% politically incorrect.” We’re not sure how it will be less politically correct than the previous two films (particularly the second one, which certainly crossed lines left, right and center), but apparently Six is willing to give it the old college try. We're also curious as to what lingering questions viewers had after the first two films. 

What’s disappointing about all of this is how far afield Six has gone with the whole Human Centipede thing in general. As someone who appreciated the first film (for its weird idea and a hilariously over-the-top performance from Dieter Laser), it’s mostly disappointing to see the sequels become less concerned about ideas or anything resembling aesthetics and more involved in creating bigger numbers to theoretically increase the gross-out factor. It’s as though Six doesn’t understand that seeing 500 people sewn together anus to mouth isn’t all that much more shocking than seeing three people in the same configuration. In fact, it’s less shocking – who believes you could actually achieve that with 500 humans? Three people? Yeah, a guy with some gumption and a really messed-up head could conceivably pull that off. 500 people? No way.

With each new, and supposedly more “outrageous” sequel, Six potentially ruins what he accomplished in that first outing. What I once viewed as the unique vision of a twistedly talented filmmaker now looks more like luck or a happy accident. Is Six churning out more sequels because he envisioned this as a trilogy from the start or simply because he doesn’t have any other ideas to offer us? I hope it’s the former, but I’m not entirely sure anymore. Maybe we’ll find out soon – because if this is the end of the Centipede line, whatever Six chooses for his next project will tell horror fans if he’s a real talent in the genre or more likely to become a historical footnote. Either way, I’ll never look at a centipede again without thinking about Tom Six. 

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