How You Can Watch the 50 Greatest Movies of All Time Right Now

How You Can Watch the 50 Greatest Movies of All Time Right Now

Aug 03, 2012

The other day we told you all about Sight & Sound Magazine's 50 Greatest Films of All Time list, which they've been issuing every 10 years since 1952. The big story with this year's list -- which is voted on by various respected critics, curators, academics and distributors -- is that Vertigo dethroned Citizen Kane, which has held the top spot since 1962. While all of these films are classics, they're also pretty old and, therefore, not as readily accessible and talked about as, say, The Dark Knight (which may make the list in another 20-30 years). 

So, to make things easier for the people who have been caught up in all this Sight & Sound madness and would actually like to watch a few of these top 50 movies, Go Watch It has put together a fantastic companion to their list featuring all top 50 films and how you can watch them (or add them to your queue) right now. 

There, we just made your weekend plans for you.

And in case you're curious, here were the top 10 films on Sound & Sound's list.

1. Vertigo
2. Citizen Kane
3. Tokyo Story
4. La Règle du jeu (The Rules of the Game)
5. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
6. 2001: A Space Odyssey
7. The Searchers
8. Man with a Movie Camera
9. The Passion of Joan of Arc
10. 8½


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