How You Can Become Superman, According to Henry Cavill

How You Can Become Superman, According to Henry Cavill

Jun 17, 2013

During our visit to the set of Man of Steel last year, Henry Cavill told us a little about how hard he's worked to become Superman. If you've seen those shirtless shots in the trailer, you already know the dude is jacked for the role. So how, exactly, did he prepare for it? "Physical training for the role has been extraordinary intense," Cavill told us. "Mark Twight, the chap from Gym Jones, has been putting me through the ringer big time."

Here's what Cavill had to do to get in the proper shape.

-- Two hours a day on a mix of calories depending on what sort of work we’re doing.

-- We started off at about 3,000 a day plus shake. That’s about 3,500.

-- Two hours of work and then we moved up to 4,000 and then up to 5,000 calories.

-- Now we’ve dropped down to about 3,500 while we’re doing an hour’s training every morning because if I keep that high-calorie intake I’m going to start putting on fat weight, but if I drop too low I’m going to start losing all the new muscle I’ve gained.

And here's an example of the type of workouts Cavill had to do to become the Man of Steel:

"A couple of weeks ago it was 100 front squats in body weight. We’ve been quite fond of doing the 100 repetition stuff recently and heavy as well. Generally, the guys work out with me now. And so, we all have a bit of fun doing it as well. For example, we’ll just do 10 reps of a weight and then someone drops out, they do 10, someone drops out, they do 10. By the time the third person’s finished their set, you come in and do your 10, up to 100. Otherwise, training stuff, I mean, it’s huge amounts of kettle-bell workouts."

For more on Cavill's workout routine, including specific exercises you can do at home, hit up this feature over at Men's Health that includes instructional videos.

Note: This post originally ran on May 30. We've reposted it today with a new video featuring examples of Henry Cavill's workout routine.


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