How Will Smith's 'I Am Legend' Predicted the 'Batman vs. Superman' Movie Back in 2007

How Will Smith's 'I Am Legend' Predicted the 'Batman vs. Superman' Movie Back in 2007

Jul 23, 2013

Here's a funny little anecdote to sidetrack your day. Remember Will Smith's I Am Legend? Of course you do. In the 2007 film, Smith is tasked with exploring a deserted New York City (well, deserted except for the tons of creepy zombie monsters lurking in the darkness) in an attempt to discover a cure for the disease that turned the population into hideous creatures. Those familiar with the movie may remember the one scene where Smith travels through a version of Times Square that houses a billboard for the ultimate Batman and Superman movie, revealing a logo that's almost identical to the one Warner Bros. dropped on us at Comic-Con, itself a variation of the logo produced for the Superman/Batman crossover comic from 2003.

Check out the logo and scene below, with the current logo for the 2015 movie at the top of this post.

Of course the Batman/Superman team-up movie has been tossed around for years. We've already seen them team up in the comics and in animated movies -- and we've seen other live-action Batman and Superman movies reference the shared universe at various times, with the most recent coming in Man of Steel when the Wayne Enterprises logo is briefly shown on-screen.

Our friends at Collider collected a few other "coincidences" throughout the years, noting that one way they could tie this new movie to the events of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises would be to make it so Superman is the one who saves Batman after he flies the nuclear weapon over the ocean. 

As of now there's no inclination as to whether Nolan's Batman universe will be included in this new film, but if it is then that might be the nerdiest way to reference it. Not to mention it kinda makes the end of The Dark Knight Rises make a bit more sense.

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