How Twilight Actually Saved Fandom

How Twilight Actually Saved Fandom

Jul 29, 2009


Know what? I’m actually sick of the Twilight bashing I've noticed lately. Yup, here’s a guy who’s never even entertained the thought of purchasing a Twilight novel and doesn’t really understand what the hype is all about – and yet I refuse to join this Twi-hate campaign full of wanna-be macho guys who think its fun or cool to trash starry-eyed tweens. Why should I? If anything, Twilight single-handedly saved fandom from its stale, boring, male-dominated corner and gave it some new blood (pun intended).

Who else is sick of these ridiculous Bat-freaks who think The Dark Knight is the greatest thing to ever happen to the movies because some website told them that? These are the same guys who daydream about Catwoman and Optimus Prime crawling into their bed at night for a three-way, then and spit on Twilight 's legion of faithful fans. I’d love to ask a Dark Knight fanboy the name of the last book (not comic) he read. Wait, what was that – you don’t read books? You’d rather play pretend-girlfriend with your computer screen?

Here’s a life lesson for you: These Twilight fans are going to grow up and want to date someone of the opposite sex one day, and that could be you … assuming you lose a few pounds, pop a few pimples and stop talking about Iron Man as if your wildest fantasy is cuddling with him on your sofa next Friday night! Otherwise, by all means go right ahead and enjoy your nonexistent life – but don’t you dare criticize these Twilight fans for loving their books and movies. This is their one chance in life to explore and cherish these crazy emotions before life catches up and sticks them in a cubicle for eight hours a day answering phones.

This is their time. Their fantasy. Their escape.

Sure, you may not see why Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are important or special, but understand that to these girls, they’re superheroes … just like your beloved Batman or Iron Man. It may not make sense and it may be more fun to point fingers and snicker, but remember this: you’ll need to get laid eventually … so cut the crap and get over yourself.

And hey, it wouldn’t hurt you to pick up a real book and read something for a change.

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