How to Watch 'Return of the Jedi,' 'Vacation,' 'Jaws 3D' and More in Theaters This Summer

How to Watch 'Return of the Jedi,' 'Vacation,' 'Jaws 3D' and More in Theaters This Summer

May 03, 2013

Return of the Jedi posterWho’s ready for a return trip to the summer of 1983? If you are, then start making plans to head to the Alamo Drafthouse to relive some of that summer’s biggest hits.

Last year, the popular theater chain launched a series entitled the Summer of ’82, which brought some of the best films from what many agree was the greatest summer movie season ever back to the big screen. Now they’re at it again with a set of selections from 1983… a year no one will ever mistake for the best summer movie season ever.

Okay, so maybe we’re being a little harsh on 1983’s summer box office season. Few things will ever compare to 1982, but that doesn’t mean 1983 was without its charms. It was the summer of WarGames and National Lampoon’s Vacation – which are just two of the films that will be part of the event.

Seeing as I was almost 11 years old that when school let out that year, I actually saw several of the featured films in a theater. My father knew I was a Jaws nut, so he took me to a screening of Jaws 3D. Every kid in my school went to see Return of the Jedi that summer. Seeing them again on the big screen would still be awesome. Plus, I wasn’t allowed to see stuff like Risky Business or Scarface at that tender young age (although my grandmother would have taken me to see both had I asked…) – so I’d totally be down for seeing them as well. Oh, and everyone should see a cheesy Bond adventure like Octopussy in a theater at least once in their life.

Keep in mind that Return of the Jedi is a one night only affair in Austin, so you’ll want to be ready to snag your tickets when they go on sale today. Swing by the Alamo Drafthouse website for the full list of screening dates, then let us know which movies from the summer of ’83 you’d want to see on the silver screen.

[via Alamo Drafthouse]


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